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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Using Guide BackInTime

In short how to use BackInTime are as follows:

1.On the start page will appear BackInTime some important parameters to fill tone, such as where you will store the results of a snapshot, what directories that you want to Back-up and how long the time interval snapshot will be made

2.On what parameters to save, navigate to the directory where you want to make its snapshot, and the parameters of where to save snapshots, point the directory where You will also save the  results snapshot.Specify interval snapshots of desired. For example, the directory you want to make a snapshot is / home / gugum / Document, and back-up directory is saved to / home / gugum / BACKUP.snapshot process will start depending on the time interval you specify.

3.After doing the above steps, you'll go to the main page BackInTime, this page consists of three parts, namely Timeline, Places, and Name. In the Timeline you will see a list of snapshots that have been done. In Places page, you can see the location of the directory on the system, and the page name, you can view a list of files contained on the system.

4.In the example snapshot process has been running for some time. In this instance the author want to restore the snapshot data directory / home / gugum / Document what happened at 2009-08-05 15:10:06. To restore the data, simply click on the Timeline snapshot in question, then click the restore button located on the set of icon in the upper right corner.

5.To see the difference between the snapshot, click the snapshot button located at the  collection icon in the upper right corner. From the list of available snapshots, you can select the list of snapshots to compare, then click the jump to for immediately see the comparison.

6.To change the list of other directories that want to make a snapshot, click the icon setting located in the upper left corner of the icon collection. From the settings page, you can add the directory you want created and then click Add.


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