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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04

Special distributions for netbook users 

     Slowly but certainly the notebook users have been moved into netbook users. because of this in addition to getting affordable price, netbooks also has lighter weight compared notebooks, so that we can take the easy and light.

    From the ranks of disrto aimed at netbook users, Distro ubuntu netbook remix 9.04 (9.04 UNR) can be presented as the best one option. UNR 9.04 is a derivative of ubuntu 9.04 a modified and has been on optimizing netbook device

     One of the biggest differences between ubuntu and UNR is located on the main menu.If on the main menu ubuntu 9.04 made in the form of dropdown  at 9.04 UNR main menu is located precisely at the beginning of this page menu.Menu page  divided into 3 parts of an  application category, a list of applications and file explorer.To install UNR 9.04 is the same way by installing ubuntu 9.04 no different.

To install UNR 9.04 click here
To Get Ubuntu netbook remix 9.04 click here

Specifications UNR 9.04

Kernel         : 2.6.28-11
Ofiice          :
Desktop       : Gnome 2.26.0
Multimedia   : Rhythembox 0.12.0, 2.26.1 totem, VLC
Internet       : Firefox 3.0.8, Evolution 2.26.1, Pidgin 2.5.5
Graphics      : GIMP 2.6.6, F-Spot 0.5.0

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