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Friday, September 18, 2009

Easy Back-Up Data With BackInTime

   Application known as the Time Machine backup application that pulled data in Mac Os X linux platform, there have been  Back in Time Applications, which has functionality such as Back in Time.

  Back In Time is a Back-Up applications simple to get GNOME-based inspiration from the project-Up Time Vault.Back done by taking all included file changes on a directory to be in the Back-Up.

  The first time running the application, you will be asked which directory to be in Back-Up, and which will put a snapshot interval also required for Back-Up.And then, the snapshot will be held on intervals have been determined.

  After some time, you can see the snapshot that has been going on Timeline section, to perform the restore files, click the icon located Snapshot on the menu top right to compare the beginning of the file changes with the files in snapshot in time of need, after that live copy of the file changes which who want restored.

Download Back In Time Here

Various kinds of Back-Up Applications for Linux

AMANDA           (
BackupPC         (
BackInTime      (
DAR                 (
duplicity           (
rsync                (
TimeVault         (https:// / timevault)



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