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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Recover a damaged desktop

           If you’ve been tweaking your system to the point of breaking, and find that the GNOME desktop no longer appears when you attempt to login,click the Options button on the login screen, and click Select Session.

            Next select Failsafe GNOME and click Change Session. Then login as usual.From here you should be able to repair your desktop or possibly even use the Users and Groups program to create a new account to use in future (nothing like a fresh start, eh?).
           If that doesn’t work, you can try deleting your GNOME desktop configuration files and starting again. This is possible because, if GNOME doesn’t find configuration files where they should be, it will automatically create some afresh. Deleting these files is very radical because it will delete all your desktop settings, plus those for GNOME applications (although your Evolution mail and account settings will remain because they’re stored in the .evolution folder). However, if you have no other choice...

Log out of the desktop and then switch to a new virtual console ( Ctrl + Alt + F2 ).
Then login and type the following:

$ rm -rf .gnome-2

Then switch back to GUI mode ( Ctrl + Alt + F7 ) and login as usual.

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