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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sabily 9.04

      Month of Ramadhan now has come. Computing activities during ramadhan month, as much as maybe not to reduce the value of worship. to support religious activities  during the month of Ramadhan a good idea to use the distribution sabily 9.04.

      Distro formerly Muslim edubuntu edition (Ubuntu ME) this is made  9.04 ubuntu-based distro, distro name changed to the name sabily 9.04 . a sabily release code name "Taibah". With a nuanced view of Islamic desktop, sabily 9.04 used as distributions for the month of application ramadhan.kind of islamic applications also been included in this distribution.

      Some of them, Zekr 0.7.2, minbar 0.2.1, Monajat 1.1-0, Thwab 2.2.3,  Hijra 0.1.18 , Ohan Quran Browser and WebStrict. For the release itself, sabily 9.04 version 3 was released into the small version (935 MB), Full Version (1.4 GB), and Full Version with recitations (2.8 GB).

Specifications Sabily 9.04

Kernel                     : 2.6.28-11
Ofiice                      : OpenOfiice.ORg 3.0.1
Desktop                   : Gnome 2.26.1
Internet                   : Firefox 3.0, Pidgin 2.5.5, Tranmission 1:51
Islamic applications   : Zekr 0.7.2, minbar r0.2.1, Monajat 1.1

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