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Saturday, July 11, 2009

install debian 5.0 lenny

1.change default bios for booting from the DVD-ROM.enter DVD / CD into the DVD- ROM. select graphic installation to start installation

2.After entering the installation, follow the wizard provided to select layout Amerian English as the default keyboard.

3.on network configuration page, fill in the name of the host computer that you want to use. On the next page, fill in the name of the domain computer that will be used.

4. next step is making preparation partisi.Later we will create two partitions, the partition system and the Guided Partitioning swap. Chose guide partitioning .

5.on this step, you can create a partition manually or automatic.selsct Guide-use entire disk partitions to create automatically

6.on the next page, instalation process will automatically detect the presence hardisk to be partition on the selection available.
7.on the next page, partition scheme is set to be make.on this example, select All files in one partition to create one partition only.

8.Process making system and swap partitions generated by the wizard finish.and then click Ok.

9.after mamking the partition completed, partitions are formatted immediately.if sure you do not have a problem, select Yes.

10.after finished making san disk formatting, the installer will soon begin the installation process system.wait until base to finish the process. page will appear to enter the password admin.fill with the password that is not easy to guess but easy to remember. create a user.fill the page is a user name that will be used to fill,next and password.

13.The next step asks whether you want to index your Own DVD Yes.If not click No.

14.after on this page, there are a number of group software that can to be install.Adjust this option with the capacity of hard drives you have

15.Process installation package will be progress.long this process depends on the number of the selected software packages.

16.after finish make the installation process, the page will appear installation for this option, select Yes to install to the GRUB boot loader in the MBR.

17.Process installation finish.Klik Continue to exit from the stage show page Grub, Select debian to boot the operating system in Debian 5.0.

18.After go to the login page GDM Debian 5.0, fill in with the user name and password that you have make.and then you can enjoy the Desktop Debian Lenny.



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