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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Give Nautilus windows their own wallpaper

Give Nautilus windows their own wallpaper

             You can apply a coolored or textured background to Nautilus windows by clicking Edit > Backgrounds and Emblem an then clicking and draging your choice on top of any open Nautilus Windows.To get rid of it,click and drag the reset icon on the top of a nautilus window.To use your own image for Nautilus wallpaper,you must copy it to the /usr/share/nautilus/patterns folder and then add it to the nautilus background and emblems selection and drag.To do this first copy the image to the relevant location using sudo powers :

$ sudo cp image.jpg /usr/share/nautilus/patterns/

Replace image.jpg with the file name of your name of your image.Then open the backgrouns and Emblems dialog box,as described above,and click the add a new patterns button.Your image should be lisstes as one of the choices,so doubleclick it to add it to the choices of wallpaper in the Background and Emblems dialog Box.


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