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Friday, July 10, 2009

install cairo-dock for linux

Download and install Cairo-Dock

          Cairo-Dock is the navigation menu to Easily we run the application without opening the start menu or so but only by clicking on the shortcut on the Dock is. Cairo-Dock is the same as well as owned by the object MacOS Dock for Windows and the Rocket Launcher.

Various Dock that can be used in linux:
2.awn (avant window navigator)

The first thing we must do is download the package cairo-Dock, click here to download cairo-Dock. .
Select the latest version to improve the performance of linux and install cairo-Dock and plug-ins to its

To Select the Ubuntu derivative package *. deb
To select the other packages *.

Install deb package:

1.sudo dpkg-i-cairo dock_v2.0.7_i686.deb
2.sudo dpkg-i-cairo-Dock plug-ins_v2.0.7_i686.deb
3.sudo apt-get install libcairo2 librsvg2-2 libglitz1 libglitz-glx1 (binary)

Once installed cairo-Dock Type cairo-Dock in the terminal then cairo-Dock will appear.
The result is as follows:

To run cairo-Dock automatically after we turn on the computer click on:
system → Preference → session → Add: 
Name       : cairo-dock
command : cairo-dock-c


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Dude, thanks. This was clear and helpful.

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