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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How To Using Nautilus Scripts

With scripts you can do many things such as :
  • make an enhanced "open with"-alike feature (open some files that match a filter in your preferred application
  • make a zip of a directory and mail it
  • open a terminal in the selected directory
all of this with a simple right click.
You can find the Nautilus-scripts folder here : 
Go to Home Holder and Click Ctrl + H to Open Hidden Files and looking for . . 

Adding scripts your scripts in the nautilus-scripts folder them accordingly to the label you want in the right-click context menu
3.make them executable (chmod +x my_script_name  )

Sample Scripts
Copy To Script :
Place the following code in a new file, give it a filename of copyto and make it executable with chmod a+x copyto. Move the new file to the ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/ directory, open nautilus and you'll find a new right-click menu item entitled "Scripts" with a submenu that has an item that quickly copies a file to any directory you desire.
#! /bin/bash
location=`zenity --file-selection --directory --title="Select a directory"`
for arg
if [ -e "$location"/"$arg" ];then
   zenity --question --title="Conflict While Copying" 
   --text="File ""$location"/"$arg"" already exists. 
   Would you like to replace it?"
   case "$?" in
      1  )  exit 1 ;;
      0  )  cp "$arg" "$location" ;;
   cp "$arg" "$location"
1.Send To Script Download Here
2.Move To Script Download Here
3.Umount-Iso Script Download Here
4.Mount-Iso Download Here
5.Format Media Script Download Here
6.Open Terminal Here Script Download Here
You too can download script here , and chose what do you want to use because too many script 

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