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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Convert RPM Package To DEB Package

       The ways to convert a Rpm package to Deb package is using an alien command ,this command can convert all package not just a rpm package to deb package but to all Package like to RPM,DEB,TGZ,SLP and many others.
Before using an alien command u must install an alien package using synaptic :
Click the search button and write alien
Or in the terminal write apt-get install alien
alien command :
alien [--to-deb] [--to-rpm] [--to-tgz] [--to-slp] [options] file [...]
Here are some examples of the use of alien:
alien -d package.rpm
Convert the package.rpm into a package.deb
alien -r package.deb
Convert the package.deb into a package.rpm
alien -i package.rpm
Convert the package.rpm into a package.deb (converting to a .deb package is default, so you need not specify --to-deb), and install the generated package.
When using alien to convert a tgz package, all files in /etc in are assumed to be configuration files.If alien is not run as root, the files in the generated package will have incorrect owners and permissions.


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