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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to restore grub boot-loader after installing windows

     This tutorial will explain how to restore Grub after installing Windows 7/Vista/Xp.If you are using dual boot PC with windows,Ubuntu for some reason you reinstall your windows now you may not see your grub 2 is loading because your windows installation might have been over written MBR (Master boot record).

To overcome this, follow the steps below:

1.First of all we must prepare for the Ubuntu Live CD, if the guns could have also used the bootloader from flash disk

2.Then change the setting in the BIOS, CD or flash disk in the first place (first boot option)

3.If your PC is set to boot to the CD-ROM, you can wait until the Ubuntu boot options screen appears select just Try Ubuntu (without any change on your computer)

4.After entering run the Live CD Desktop Terminal by clicking on the Applications menu> Accessories> Terminal

5.Check our Linux partitions using the command

  $  sudo fdisk-l

6.Log in GRUB, command

   $ sudo grub

7.Then do the following:

    grub> find  /boot/grub/stage1

RESULTS suppose (hd0, 6), this is the information we use to set up at a later stage.

8.Then the GRUB installation setup:

    grub> root (hd0, 6)
    grub> setup (hd0)

9.When the installation process is complete, exit the GRUB shell.

    grub> quit

10.If there is no error message then after you do reboot, the bootloader will return as before.

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