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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Active & Passive Sentences

1.Theory and example from active & passive voice

  • Active Voice
        Active voice is where the object recieves the action of the verb.Active voice is a grammatical voice common in many of the world's languages. It is the unmarked voice for clauses featuring a transitive verb in nominative–accusative languages, including English and most other Indo-European languages.

       Active voice is used in a clause whose subject expresses the agent of the main verb. That is, the subject does the action designated by the verb. A sentence whose agent is marked as grammatical subject is called an active sentence. In contrast, a sentence in which the subject has the role of patient or theme is called a passive sentence, and its verb is expressed in passive voice. Many languages have both an active and a passive voice; this allows for greater flexibility in sentence construction, as either the semantic agent or patient may take the syntactic role of subject.
  • Passive Voice
         In passive voice, the agent of the action is not the subject of the sentence. Instead, the receiver of the action becomes the subject. In other words, the person or the object which receives the consequences of that particular action becomes the subject of the sentence. for example in the active sentence, the dog chased the ball, in passive voice it is transformed as the ball is chased by the dog. Therefore, the ball thus becomes the subject of the sentence.

  • Example

2.Article of Passive Voice

      Most designs for airport terminals take one of four approaches. In the linear plan, the building may be straight o curved. The passengers board aircraft parked next to the terminal. This plan works well for small airports that need to provide boarding areas for only a few aircraft at a time.
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