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Saturday, October 10, 2009



  1. install Dropbox On Linux
  2. What is Dropbox
  3. How to install an use Back In Time
  4. What is BackInTime
  5. Install windows on linux
  6. Organize Your Picture with Picasa
  7. Translator English-Indonesia
  8. Install cairo dock on linux
  9. Mirrored Site With Webhttrack

  1. Swith to kubuntu,edubuntu,xubuntu without installing one by one
  2. Memberi Password pada grub
  3. Giving Password on grub in ubuntu linux
  4. Rekam Desktop Dengan gtk-ReordMyDesktop
  5. Record Your Desktop With gtk-RecordMyDesktop
  6. Perubah Desktop Wallpaper otomatis
  7. Desktop Wallpaper Changer 

  1. Mandriva 2009.1 (Spring)
  2. Linux Mint 7(Gloria)
  3. Sabily 9.04
  4. Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR)
  5. Fedora 11
Fix Crash GUI

  1. Recover damaged desktop
  2. Recover crashed GUI
  3. How To Recover grub boot-loader after installing windows
  4. Mengembalikan Grub Loader Yang Hilang Pada Ubuntu

  1. Format USB on Linux
  2. Giving label on USB
Install Linux

  1. Install linux mint 7 (Gloria)
  2. Install OpenSuse 11.1
  3. Install Debian 5.0 (Lenny)
  4. Install Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope)
Live USB

  1. Make Ubuntu 9.04 live usb
  2. Make LiveUSB linux 
  3. Membuat LiveUSBB Linux

  1. Make local Repository

  1. How to using nautilus scripts
  2. Give boot menu wallpaper
  3. Give nautilus windows Background and make translucent
Optimize Linux System

  1. Add swap file or expand existing swap
  2. Faster Boot Times

  1. Debian and ubuntu cheat-sheet
  2. Avoid program quitting when terminal closed
  3. Make gnome terminal windows trranslucent
  4. Create file delete command
  5. Download Video Youtube Dari Terminal
  6. Download Video Youtube From Terminal
Tips and Trick openoffice

  1. Install new font
  2. Upgrade openoffice 3.0 to openoffice 3.1
  3. Changing OpenOffice splash screen images

  1. Fix wifi troubleshooting

  1. Installation XAMPP Server
  2. Installation and Configuration of DHCP Server
  3. Instalasi dan konfigurasi DHCP Server
  4. instalasi XAMPP Server

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